The Artist’s Way ~ I see the progress…

I see progress...

I see progress...

Visionary….being artistic is about having a vision. A vision of beauty, a vision of life or death. Ultimately, it becomes vision inward.

When we seek beauty, within or without, we seek God in our midst.

The Artist’s Way ~ a program of interspection…of finding oneself…seeking God within us.

Being a Christian I appreciate the vision of Julia Cameron and her unique way of equating this “recovering” to God. I do not know if she is Christian or Jew, Hindu or Agnostic…she does, however, have a deep respect and empathy for anothers’ spirituality. Whether that is an attachment to tradition and religion, or the freestyle Christianity or just Faith itself…

Even when she equates God to a “higher power”, for those who are not ready for God. Or when she defines God as the “Universe”, it is undeniable that she is encouraging a relationship with the Ultimate Creator and our responsiblity to be creative, as He is. We are responsible to this.

Now do not feel daunted, this is what we were built for, creation. Art, words, beauty, dignity and every other positive adjective that describes love and light, that describes the being. Create is what we do ~ humans, we create beauty or we create death.

It is an amazing gift that God, or the universe, should you prefer, that has been provided! Close your eyes and dream of the fact, yes fact of this concept:

Through creation we can: support ourselves, our families, our lifestyle! We express our loves, ideas, our soul and our spirit. We laugh, cry and mourn through our creations. We love each other, ourselves, God with our creations. Creation fills each nanosecond of our lives, each thought is art at work.

The electrical spark of each thought creates an emotion to surface that must be worked out. Therefore we must stop wasting our times on external restrictions. We can work these things out with our art.

The Artist’s Way starts the process of finding our art, our creative being, child. The one that was packed away by fear, denial, discouragement and neglect. I for one, for 4 1/2 weeks I trudged through the tasks and the dreaded Morning Pages, and then God moved! His mighty hand swept through my life, instantly fixing things, causing the synaps’ of my being to begin to spark again.

I am not certain when I stopped feeling 16 years old. Yet, I did. I never did stop knowing that the 5 year old was raging and crying and screaming within me. That being said, God has permitted a return of my feeling of youth, and the little girl is calm right now. Another shift has occurred!

I find the shifts are triggered by diligent obedience. Epiphany!


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