The Artist’s Way ~~ Its finally synching…

November 24, 2008

I chose my affirmation for the week this morning. When I woke up I was not feeling anything but my normal Monday depression. I got my coffee and proceeded to write the Morning Pages…I chose the affirmation from the “Basic Principals”  # 3

When we open ourselves to our creativity, we open ourselves to the Creator’s creativity within us and our lives.

As I continue to be obedient to God’s urging to purge the ugliness from my spirit and flow in His will for my life, I hear him more clearly. I find that I think the way that I always have….thinking those things that are not loving and kind…even when thinking about myself…my abilities…my worth.


Matthew 12:35

I need this to change…The Artist’s Way, which is finally beginning to make some sense in my life, continually tells us to speak kindly to ourselves.

In week one we investigated the concept of Core Negative Beliefs. Julia Cameron reveals that we have some really awful beliefs within us that come into our minds fully formed. In the program’s setting, it reveals these in regard to our creative ability and our inability to utilize it. The concept does, however, lie in many areas of our lives.

We do not have to know where they originated right away, they don not have to be true either. These come from our parents, religions, cultures and even friends. These negative thoughts must be swept away for us to continue on in a healthy constructive way. These are the thoughts that begin with….”I don’t…” and “I can’t…” and “It’s too late…”.

I find my thoughts are profoundly negative, much of the time. In regard to myself, others and situations in general. My frustration brings terrible pictures to my mind. These thought make me feel like sin, ugly and just horrendous.

I want my thoughts transformed into kinder and gentler thoughts. I want the thoughts of Christ for real, not just what I believe that to be, but what it is actually. I want to look at these individuals, the ones that bring to my mind these sinful imaginings, and feel empathy and compassion. I want the Holy Spirit to soften my thoughts, I want to view things through the eyes of my God…seeking

So hold on life…while I utilize this recovery tool, The Artist’s Way, great changes will occur. The upheaval of my life continues as I move forward…



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