Another Hope…

That people will not let Economic Fear ruin their Christmas!

Oh dear Charlie Brown!

Oh dear Charlie Brown!

Christmas shopping, my husband and I found that there was no one out shopping! His response was that the news and politicians had succeeded in causing mass fear in our nation.

Everyone is afraid to spend their money, believing that somehow all will be gone tomorrow. I realize many have lost fortunes. However, the people I know are just feeling things a bit tighter. We don’t, however, feel desperation.

What is different about us?

We know God has this in hand. We, my family, began before the market problems, to live within our means. We realized that we were living in a way that proved no vision for our future. We set the first goal to pay our bills and mortgage on time, no matter the results. All on virtually one paycheck at this time. 

God is good and favors diligent obedience. Our bills are paid. We are living within our means. We don’t eat out, but we did not do this often anyway. Our entertainment is home, family and friend based, always has been. We are happy.

This year, I believe we have spent more money on gifts for our immediate family and friends then we have for the last three years. My husband isn’t fed up or depressed because Christmas isn’t what he wants it to be. I have done my best to hold back my  aversion to this particular holiday.

We are happy. We are having a nice Christmas, thus far. Why?

We get it now.

Its about the Birth of our Savior.

Its about family, not money.

Its great to spend on the holidays, knowing that the mortgage is paid!! NO! THAT IS FREAKING AWESOME!

And my husband said it best as we entered Kohl’s [ewwww! i hate stores!]. He said:

“Isn’t it nice that we are not apart of that fear walk the nation is on!”

I obviously agreed!

The news people and the politicians should be ashamed of themselves for torturing the nation for the acts of a few on Wall Street. Actually the behavior of all of these individuals is criminal, as we all know. But the news programs should be called on the carpet for their sensationalism of the situation! Just for the ratings and their own fame. It is criminal, the fear they are weaving for the nation.

So know this my few readers.

Christmas is about Jesus and His love for us.

He was born and lived for the Salvation of a dying world.

The Salvation took hold. We are saved, we are no longer a dying world.

If you are celebrating Christmas you are celebrating the birth of Jesus, and the salvation of this world of ours. Make no mistake, there is no, ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER REASON FOR THIS SEASON.

It is not about a nice tradition or even family tradition. Look around there are other names for those celebrations, Kwanza, Hanukkah etc.

Christmas is about Christ…if we start there we will have an awesome celebration. If our celebrations is about Christ the fear growing in this country will dissipate quickly.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.



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