My Christmas Hope ~ Post Christmas Update…

Christmas in Blue

Christmas in Blue


My Christmas was AWESOME!! Seriously! It truly was a miracle.

I am so grateful to God that He gave me, yet again, my heart’s desire.

Earlier this month I posted: my hope is that I will begin to enjoy Christmas…someday soon.

Well apparently God reads blogs too! I have found a way to enjoy Christmas.

The answer for me was to not to have perfection as the goal. I realized that, like my mom, I was attempting the perfect Christmas. Still!

When I say still, I mean from my childhood.

My mother, and stop reading this if you’ve been previously tortured with my story! LOL. Always strived for perfection. In her illness this caused very irratic behavior and treatment of her children. It was really very tragic, which I am just starting to remember at 40 something.

Anyway back to the good stuff!

The Christmas tree is still up, and I still don’t hate it!

I found as the day and the week went on I really enjoyed the holiday. My favorite was definately the lit tree and nativity on Christmas eve.

Christmas Eve 2008

Christmas Eve 2008


 We leave everything lit…and much like when the kids were little we slept on the couch. Why? Well because even though the kids are adults, and all the wrapping was done the day before, we were still up at 2 AM watching Christmas movies! Even Shane stayed awake and pleasant.

As always I wanted the house perfect, for what I do not know, but I did not demand it this year. And lo’ and behold, the boys cleaned the house for me. AWESOME.

I left my pain and sorrow about Christmas with God and He fulfilled my desire.

So like I said it’s New Year’s Eve and the tree is still pretty. We will take it down on New Year’s Day…but until then I remain amazed that I don’t hate it’s presence in my living room.

My Hope was fulfilled…My gift was happiness and joy and peace on Christmas…

I anticipate an amazing Christmas season next year!



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