Faith fulfills another Hope!

It is 11:11pm on January 8 of this lovely and blessed New Year of ours!

Tonights News on Channel 2, the popular CBS, keeps hounding us watchers with commercials about a segment on the Holiday Purchase Hangover! 

No Christmas Debt!

No Christmas Debt!

Well not us, not this year!! How cool is that??

My husband and I, this year, and last year, purposed not to allow Christmas to cause us any unnecessary debt. We purposed a “traditional” family Christmas that was not about the money.  Last year we did ok. This year we succeeded, and Christmas was 2/3rds larger!

The difference, purposeful diligence and preparation. Oh and first and foremost the Favor of God!

Why do I credit God above all else? Well, quite simply, because, through our dedicated Pastors, God was able to bring my husband and I into unity in our finances. Excellent teaching and preaching, prayer and obedience was the recipe. Not easy, but far easier than one would imagine. When giving God the reigns in an area of your life it is absolutely amazing what He will do. When we permit God to guide us, His hand moves smoothly and heavily.

As the bible says:

Acts 15:8

8 So God, who knows the heart, acknowledged them by giving them the Holy Spirit, just as He did to us,

When Father God, knows that we genuinely understand one of His precepts. When He knows that our intentions are  true obedience, in faith…He extends His Favor upon us!

Each step forward in the Kingdom of God creates an “Open Heaven”. Some understand this as  ” windows of heaven”. Whatever your understanding this is amazing.

Christmas, celebrated and enjoyed [by me, a miracle in and of itself] has for the very first time not caused this family 2 months of debt and poverty. In fact, it has not caused us any debt at all. All bills are paid…even the mortgage, Praise God!

Our hope for good finances was fulfilled by Father God because we utilized the Faith that He gave to us! Amazing!

Come with me as I….step out into the Irresistible Future with Him.”



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