This blog is about the God and how He works in a life…

Started to be a format for the program my friend and I are currently working. Hopeannfaith’s Hope Chest is supposed to be a visual/pictoral diary or journal of a life in recovery. I’ve changed the name three times to fit exactly what I felt it was…this is the name that is about me and God and my recovery…after the Artist Way tool is finished I am sure my friend will find another for us to work through. She is awesome at that.

However, I also want this and Hopeannfaith’s other, or should I say Mother Blog, to be a Testamony of a life in recovery. I want to convey how God is fixing me…getting fixed is not something I am capable of. If left up to me I would remain where I am in the comfort and familiarity of my condition. Anyone truly walking out their salvation and or recovery [I am beginning to see that they are one and the same, really.] will, if honest, tell you that remaining where we are is easier and desirable. This is sad, really.

My next posts, on the heals of this one, will describe God’s Hand in my life…and one of  friend’s life, yesterday. God showed us His hand mightily yesterday. Both of us, women of faith, my friend is much more gregarious than I these days and literally told everyone the story immediately, in an e-mail.

I was more quiet, except with her, as I processed the incident and God’s faithfulness to me and my life.

Simply Amazed! That is how I feel about God this fine and frigid morning!





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