Unwrapping a gift from God…Our lives

This is my very good friend:

My BFF ~ Stunning ain't she?

My BFF ~ Stunning ain't she?

 This is her version of the car ride to work yesterday…Watch God’s Hand…He is awesome and gets all the Glory for His faithfulness to us!

Hey Everyone,
I wanted to share what happened this morning at 9:15 am. Andrea H. and I were driving west on Beach Blvd. this morning and we are laughing and talking about something and all of a sudden the car fishtailed and we found ourselves spinning out of control and going backwards across the other side of the road and headed for a house. This went on for what seemed to be a few minutes. We spun a couple of times and all the time we both KNEW that it would be ok!  Although it was quite un-nerving, we both stayed fairly calm and collected and called out to God and as we both said at the very same time (me – OK God you got us) and (Andrea – Thank You Jesus!) the car came to a stop on the front lawn of someone’s house and it was resting against a tree stump that was about 3 ft high. Andrea pulled up a bit and I got out to check the damage. NOT a hint of any kind of trauma other than pieces of leaves laying on the bumper. We sat there for a minute and just gave glory to God. As we started out again we layed our hands on the car and prayed and claimed the scripture  : Psalm 91:11 (New King James Version)  For He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all your ways. Although it was snowing the roads did not seem to be bad at all, it was weird. If anyone knows Andrea and my humor, you would know that we could pretty much make something funny out of the worst cast scenario (LOL). As we drove and talked about how freaky it was and everything that happened. I realized how this person was gonna come out and find tire tracks across their lawn and wonder!!! Can you imagine?   We drove to WaWa, we were gonna go tot he bar for a Gin & Tonic, but could find a bar open so early, just kidding! At WaWa we met Bill A. and then Scott N. and we realized that we should pray safety over all of our family, friends and loved ones. So, we prayed saftey over you this morning – We thought you might like to know that…… Well anyway, GOD is GOOD and we are safe and so are you – thanks be to God – who sends HIS angels to keep us in ALL our ways.  AMEN?  AMEN!!!  
Just one more thing, I make it a habit to never end my conversations without telling the one I am talking to (I LOVE YOU) and I KNOW that Andrea resolves to do the same…..  NEVER leave it to chance that you could leave this earth and have the people you care about not hear you say those few simple words. Nowt granted there may be a person you can’t say that to cause they will either head for the hills or spaz out, but in the that case our actions will have to speak. YES??? Yes!   I LOVE YOU …………………………….
Patty O.
As with any experience shared by two people my recollection of this experience was slightly different. Mine is here.
What remains exactly the same in the two recollections is the Hand of God. He reached down, and above all things imaginable He saved my friend and I from harm and actually the clutches of death. Not only that! He made certain that there was absolutely NO HARM done to life, limb or property.
All is well here. As I am certain of My God’s protection over my minute life, I am certain of His love and protection over you and yours.
In God’s Secure hold be blessed everyone!




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