Something has changed…again…

God's Snow Art

God's Snow Art

I wake up at 6 AM now, already in prayer! I may have mentioned this somewhere on one of Hopeannfaith’s blogs. It’s a change, positive and peaceful, that has brightened and enlightened my days. I’m not clear about why this change, but I have learned to go with it.

Oswald Chambers’ devotionals this week have been profound…God seems to have put the focus, not on me! Praise God! for once, but now upon His will…Prayer and a relationship with Him. I am encouraged! I am awed! I am excited about this.

Two quotes, from just many that have resonated in the last few days, from Chambers~

‘ “Guard jealously your relationship to God. Jesus prayed “that they (I) may be one, even as we are one’ ”

” Am I as full of extravagance of love to Jesus Christ as I was in the beginning, when I did not care for anything but Himself?”

I will be pondering these today…along all that He has put inside of me that has not found it’s way into words yet.


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