Dealing with my Day to Day…but it’s more than that ? Yes, it is!

I wish I took this pic...

I wish I took this pic...

 is doing something, again! Isn’t it awesome!

This morning my husband and I had an in-depth discussion about our family situation and our faith. All before 8:30 am this morning. At 8:57am A New Thing Ministries devotional hit my in-box. The devotional was God confirming that we were right on track with our conversation! Here is the dig of it…I did not read it until about 10am… so God has been hanging out at my house all morning. And truthfully it really is a palpable presence…so electric…comforting and exciting simultaneously! I, once again, stand in amazement! I am at this very moment in the presence of His glory in my home!

   So back to the day to day…Ah you are in wonder as to why I would not just bask in the glory of my God if He  in fact at my house…because, truthfully I am always in His company. Today it is I am blessed with a particularly vibrant visit!  However, he expects to be a part of my everyday. You see it’s not about religion, this thing I refer to as my Faith…it is an intimate relationship,not unlike any other intimate relationship in  life. Yet vastly more intimate, like a parent, a husband…God.

I think last night I posted about my husband’s answer from God. Check it out . However, there was more…much more! Just like was prayed over my husband and I weeks ago…it was spoken in my church’s sanctuary…”you have seen God, experienced God in your lives…but there is more, much more to come. God is saying step out into the things you see as impossible, step out into the things you could not, can not even imagine! The word I (the guest preacher) am hearing is dare…Dare…”, obviously there was more, but you get the idea.

Well that “much more”  is happening now. Really, right now. First the stairway from heaven! Read that last post, down there . Now the conversation and God’s confirmation.

The conversation was about the attack on our finances. We also have the understanding that many of our church families are being subjected to the same attack. So what is the attack?

It’s an attack of “it’s always been that way”, an attack of expecting things to be just like they were the last time we were here…

Like this: Last year in January my husband and I were behind on our house payment and bills…by three payments. Last year at this time I was angry and hurt and disappointed because we could not celebrate the upcoming (within the week) birthdays and the anniversary of my husband and my relationship (not the marriage, the whole shooting match). This time last year and many of the years previous to that we were desperately struggling!

Not so this year…but this recent improvement is a thin reality for us and can be annihilated very easily. With just the wrong attitude, from either one or both of us, we can undo all of the blessings God has extended us for our faithful diligence. He really is rewarding us in huge ways!

satan wants us to think this January is no different from last January or the ones before. he is attempting to convince us that things are as they always were…well we caught him!

A few days ago I was stressing about the first fruit tithe on the stud fee on Buster and Ginger’s litter of puppies. I knew something was up with our finances because my husband was showing the telltale signs of stressing…the key proof is when asked he denies something is bothering him.

Well with that in mind I began to worry about the first fruit payment from Buster’s first stud. I had already written that particular check in my heart of hearts. Just the thought of my husband’s debt stressing put me right back into the understanding of what we, as a couple, do in respect to viewing our lives according to the world’s understanding (our own understanding)  of a single situation, sent me to fear. My first thought, made to sound truthful and in a soothing voice, came…”just put the first fruit tithe in and don’t even tell Don you had it…”

 Instantly catching the incongruities of this single line of thinking gave me pause.

Deceive my husband !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not even give in to reasoning it out…I gave it no room in my mind and prevented it from dropping into my heart. Mind you this revelation was only by the grace of God!

My husband and I can truthfully say that honesty has been a cornerstone of our relationship…diagonally placed from the cornerstone of friendship. These two sturdily reinforced by the other two cornerstones of love and loyalty. It is a strong, unbreakable bond, that we firmly know was created by our Father God for eternity in the kingdom. It was not like me to even consider lying to Don! I was appalled at the thought and even a little frightened. When thought about, later, I realized that, that one little omission would have irreparably damaged what we were walking in. It would have destroyed our “walk in the cool of the day” with God…and much more. It would have undermined our unity and our blessings.

I spoke to him immediately…this all happened in my head with him comfortably sitting beside me. I said, ” I will be getting the check for Buster’s puppy soon, you know my intention is to the first fruit tithe, right? Are you going to have a problem with that?” His honest answer was, “ahhh, yeah, maybe.”. And we had a conversation. Not knowing how very upset I was about it I spoke, innocently, to my sponsor about it when she called about the sale of two more of the puppies. I told her what was going through my head, and too my amazement I began to cry, with fear.

She repeated at least three times that I needed to submit to my husband. That God knew my heart and submission was the next test. The first fruit tithe would be honored. However, I was  concerned and saddened by the realization that I was not giving my husband the credit of trusting him with this responsibility. So there it is…I wanted to control even the hand of God.

I tempered this conversation with one with my Pastor. She confirmed that we must stay in unity. That firmly means that I hand over the check to the head of household and he makes the tithe. As he and God agreed it would be given.

Once again this morning I was given revelation. The day to day is to be given over to the LORD. I believe, no! I know that my husband and I are in unity about the fact that Christ Jesus is now the LORD of our lives. We live differently from most couples. We purpose first to seek the kingdom of God and He is faithfully adding to us daily!

Dealing with my day to day is never routine. It may look like it on the outside, but in my heart of hearts my commission is being pointedly pursued. And I humbly thank My Father every chance I get.

The phrase ” It is what it is”. As a people we need to lose that little tidbit. The bible tells us…”do not be moved by what you hear , see or feel”, So we can not fall into the “it is what it is” trap.

I am going to…step out into the Irresistible Future with Him.” ~ Oswald Chambers



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