God fulfills a need…

Look what God does!

Look what God does!


A bit (lot) of backstory:

In Jersey we had artic weather last week. It went down into the single digits for a few consecutive days. And…our house is 160 something years old!

We trickle the water downstairs in  freeze zone weather…upstairs if the temperature goes below 20 degrees! We get several notes from the utilities department that our water consumption, in the winter, is high and they need to come in and check the meter…because we trickle the water often. If we don’t the consequences are no fun, obviously.

Anyway, our upstairs drainage system froze. Yes! I admit this was very strange indeed! So, although the water was trickled in all sinks, everything upstairs began to back up. Very weird as the plumbing downstairs was functioning fine! This was new, and this was scary. So no one could use the shower (the only one!) or the commode, only the sink appeared to be working, so on it trickled. Well it had nowhere to drain so it went to the tub…that could not drain, except for the leak in the tubs drain that revealed itself very quickly! How, you inquire?

Well…the downstairs bath ceiling began to leak, no really rain! Still no one lost their heads, amazing! Praise God!

We called a friend, handiman! He told us to do a few things, he was on his way out of state to work on our sister church with our Pastor and we would have to make due or call a plumber. We managed. The friend came the next day, by which time the drain thawed. All was well and we made arrangements to deal with the leaks at the end of the week when he was free.

So what need was fulfilled?  As an afterthought my husband had our friend check our stairs to the second floor. Like I said the house is very old and the steps need repair, mainly due to age. Our friend assured us it would be a simple job to repair and off the men went.

Forward to today! A bit more backstory, my husband and I are tithers and we just learned the truth about the First Fruits tithe. In unity we decided this was a necessary step for us and determined to do it as soon  as we were able. For each source of income. If you want more details check here.

I speak to my husband and he tells me a weird story. He begins by telling me his boss went to lunch. Okay??? And when he (the boss) returned he asked the hubby about how our steps were. Thinking this as odd as this sounds Don says “fine, why? ” He actually thought he was referring to our outside steps. He wasn’t, he told my husband to come look what he found.

The boss had found a brand new set of stairs on the curb for pick up! Yes! I said a set of stairs! Fully assembled! Crazy right?

I mean when was the last time you put a major part of your house, fully intact, out to the curb?? Let alone a brand new, raw set of stairs???

As Christian, from a bible teaching church, we are used to seeing and hearing God. We get it. That alone is awesome. So what was this? It was an answer that we were pleasing God with our progress, with our obedience and diligence. In such a way that He answered Don on an afterthought!

If God is going to answer and fulfill the need that is third and fourth on our list of needs in such a dynamic manner, how loud will the answer to the big ones be? Very loud and dynamic I would imagine! I simply cannot wait to be able to tell you all about the next Wonder from my Father God!

I must say that we give God all the honor and glory for His faithfulness to us!  Ain’t God cool!

 I remain more excited to … step out into the Irresistible Future with Him.” ~ Oswald Chambers



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