Ask God, A Story by a Young Woman…

While we are invested in delving into God’s definition of love this month I found a recent e-mail I received a confirmation that what we do as Christian women here and in our personal circles works.

This story written as an e-mail was sent by a young woman in my church…she is in her early teens and has been raised in the church all of her life. My goodness I remember her and her twin when they did not even reach my knee, sleeping on the church chairs and absorbing the Word of God during evening services!

These kids are still, obviously, walking strongly in the Lord. Even if in their maturing it may not look so obvious. So the next time you see a group of kids huddled in the back rows of your church, twittering away, don’t assume that God is not meeting them there for special fellowship. Because I am here to correct you…He is there with them, even while He is in the front row ministering to the Elders! This proves it…

Just days from her next birthday this e-mail was a gift of God’s love to the Webiverse! I had to post it. I have Miss Aleena’s permission, by e-mail of course, as well as her parents. So as you walk in the Love of our LORD today…remember the kids!



Ask God!!By: Aleena Netzel

{Received by e-mail February 12, 2009}

(and yes I wrote this all by my self!!)

Micah 6:8 Measuring up—–(its the meaning to it) Tracy felt like a slave working for many masters: teachers, parents, bosses, and peers. She worked for hours each week to write papers that would get an A from Miss Johnson. Chemistry was worse. No matter what she did, she couldn’t get above a B. And for Tracy, that big B on her otherwise straight -A report card said, “Tracy, you’re not good enough.”

For Tracy, being a member of the girls’ volleyball team was anything but relaxing. If she made any mistakes it was a major disaster. Precise and demanding, Tracy’s father often corrected her. Tracy’s goal was to do everything right and the first time so that her father would be pleased with her, but she seldom succeeded. As a scooper at the local ice-cream shop, she attempted to be accurate and efficient, but the manager noticed her only when she did something wrong

Then one Sunday morning the pastor’s words shocked her. “Do you really know what God expects of you? Or have you been making up your own standards? Well, God tells us what he wants from us. Micah 6:8, ‘And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.’

“Notice,” the pastor continued, “that God says nothing about winning, being the best, or receiving high ratings from your supervisors. God asks you to ‘act justly.’ That means that you please God only—-you work hard, you’re fair, your motives are pure, and you don’t permit false earthly standards to be the measure of your value. You show compassion, you think about others, and you keep the spotlight off yourself. And you ‘walk humbly with your God.’ You spend quality time with Jesus. Because you realize that He is all powerful and all-knowing, you engage yourself totally to him. This is the only way you can become the person God saved you to be.”

That morning Tracy made a discovery: The Lord always noticed her good work. Tracy realized that she could stop trying so hard and relax in the presence of Jesus. Maybe you, like Tracy, have been trying to measure up to the wrong standard. If so, determine right now that prayerful study of the Scripture will free you to live by God’s yardstick.

If you don’t have God in your heart just ask him to come into your heart and forgive you for all your sins, because God will forgive you for what ever you have done wrong, but you just have to ask….

Just Remember That Jesus Love’s You And He Died On The Cross Just For You!!!




Red, Orange, Yellow,
Blue, Indigo, and Violet!




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