Health Quest Update ~

My Diet-ology

My Diet-ology

Well since my last posting on my Quest to health I have some news!

A miraculous thing occurred.

My husband, the love of my life, asked me to make a doctor appointment for him! This is truly a move of God…seriously the man has refused any and all medical attention since he lost the sight in his right eye, many, many years ago! Probably 10 or 12 years ago.

Before that I believe that last physician he may have consulted was his pediatrician. The man professes consistently he does not believe in doctors. Anyway I took him to my doctor for a serious medical issue that he has been ignoring since his experience with blindness, literally.

While there, at the doctor’s office, I inquired about the price of an appointment without insurance. My breathing issues and chest pain have caused fear in me. Natural I know, but I rebuke fear at all costs and was having increasing difficulty fending off the fears.

Add to that the evident restless leg syndrome thing (which I keep at bay holistically ~ the Quinine in tonic relieves the pain from this syndrome!).  And I have been considering all kinds of debilitating and terminal medical possibilities!

Oddly enough, my doctor is not much older that I am, but he has the personality of Jack Lemon in the movie Grumpy Old Men…if you haven’t seen it rent it and  give yourself a treat. So take that attitude and add a Romanian accent and a dry, almost sardonic sense of humor and you have my favorite physician of all time, Dr. Gross!

His motto is I don’t want to see you anymore than you want to see me. Don’t come in if you’re sick, call me and I will call your pharmacy. He hates all insurance companies, thinks Listerine should be banned from use and labled as a poison and is willing to see you once a year and save you as much money as possible. Just don’t make him write out that blood work sheet and chest xray script, if you’re just going to ignore them! Love the man!

He saw my husband with all the described charm (Don loved him too!) and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen the doc look really concerned. He gave Don his best advice and checked all the things that docs check and wrote out the scripts and told Don to contact the surgeon. This is a good thing~but very necessary thing for my husband.

 Afterward, the doc grabbed his stethoscope and checked my breathing and gave me the news that my lungs were clear, and not to kill myself dieting. He grunted at the idea of me documenting my diet to see what I eat and what makes me feel “not well” and agreed it would not hurt. He advised me not to put too much stress on myself, that it’s harder to lose weight as we age (YUKKKK! as we age!), and to make the comfortable changes slowly.

This was such a relief!!! I don’t have pneumonia, or heart disease!! You know, as much as the stethoscope can tell him.

The favor part. And God is awesome! As the doc handed me the Advair wheel I asked if he would bill us for my services. His response was ” I did not see you today!Make an appointment and for you drop $25.00 off the bill!, Oh and make that appointment when you need more medicine!”

A free doctor visit in this day and age is a miracle!

The other favor of God was not only did He make it so this would occur, the impromptu visit relieved all  of the fear factor! Now, if I don’t watch it I can get out of breath, but for the most part I have not had any issues since he (d0c) answered the questions floating in my head.

I have found in the study of my diet that Chocolate makes me feel unwell, and makes me itchy.

That makes two childhood allergies returned…no Reeses Peanut Butter cups for this chick! Doesn’t matter if your candybar gets in the peanutbutter I cannot eat it!!  😦

I continue to experience stomach problems if I eat after seven.

And I have walked my Buster and survived! Twice!  Take a look, this is the greatest dog alive!

Buster ~ Buster!

Buster ~ Buster!

Walking this little dude is fun, and exercise! He flyes through the air, almost appearing not to touch the ground. It’s the greatest thing to watch!

Here is the portrait that Julie painted of  Buster.

So I’m doing good so far. I am actually feeling better, breathing is nice!  🙂

I am happy with this Health Quest Update…and I look forward to Friday to add my new decedent ravioli recipe on Ann’s Food on Fridays blog entry! Check it out

Blessings Everyone!fof


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