Prayer and Chai Tea ~


Chai Tea is my new favorite drink!  I was introduced to it when my son made Chai Tea Creme Brulee with Raspberry and Mint Garnish, months ago.

The flavor was subtle and interesting. So I decided to make a cup of Chai Tea with a touch of cream and a teaspoon of honey in it. The package says sugar, but I am trying for healthier choices. I believe that honey is a better sugar for me.

Well the result is that I am now in love with Chai Tea! And ladies, Don, my husband, now prides himself on making it perfect for me! And he does! It is amazing what a little compliment will do in a marriage.

One word of caution. I spent one day writing and drinking cup after cup of Chai Tea and then  absolutely could not sleep that night! 🙂

I don’t know for sure, but I believe I read somewhere that teas actually pack more of a caffeine punch then coffee. So if caffeine is something you watch in your diet Chai tea definately has caffeine!!

Spiced Chai Tea and Honey! Yummm!

Spiced Chai Tea and Honey! Yummm!


Chai Tea!

Chai Tea!








In my journey to health I have been praying scriptures about health and healing. I found this prayer in the prayer book, Prayers the avail much® by Germaine Copeland. It’s just an exerpt of  the Health and Healing prayer on page 51. I’d like to share it with you.

 ” My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and I desire to be in good health. I seek truth that will make me free – both spiritual and natural (good eating habits, medication if necessary, and appropriate rest and exercise). You bought me at a price, and I desire to glorify You in my spirit and my body – they both belong to You.

Thank You, Father, for sending Your Word to heal me and deliver me from all destructions. Jesus, You are the Word Who became flesh and dwelt among us….

Father, I give attention to Your words and incline my ear to Your sayings. I will not let them depart from my sight, but I will keep them in the midst of my heart, for they are life and health to my whole body…

Thank You that I will prosper and be in health, even as my soul prospers. Amen.”

I have come to a place in my walk, with Father God, that I desire to make the most of my prayer life. Intercession is not a calling of mine, although I have been called on to pray that way from time to time. However, I have a quiet and personal prayer life that happens mostly when going to bed and when I am waking up. Both sessions last a little more than half an hour and I use it to pray all sorts of things.

Lately I have felt drawn to pray only the Word of God. This decision has made a profound change in my prayers, and my life. I can feel the presence of God almost immediately…scriptural incorporates praise and worship and many of them, I have found, are also in many contemporary Christian song lyrics. What a blessing for me! I absolutely thrive on Praise and Worship, I find it to be an intense form of prayer for me.

The results of my new prayer habit have already brought favor. I have been released more quickly from the snares of frustration, anger and depression. I find it easier not to take offense at other people’s words or actions. I find it easier to let go of many of my co-dependent habits.

I encourage all to pray. A Prayer life is vital to a spirit. I am excited about what God is showing me through my transformed prayer style and life!

So here is to Prayer and Chai Tea ~ A very relaxing combination!

Health and Healing ~ Prayers that avail much!

Health and Healing ~ Prayers that avail much!



~ Prayer and Chai Tea ~

~ Prayer and Chai Tea ~




2 thoughts on “Prayer and Chai Tea ~

  1. I was under the impression that Tea can be high in caffeine, I usually don’t have Teas and only if caffeine free. But warm milk with vanilla and sugar, yum! Also warm milk with oyster juice from the can, yum! Hot Chocolate, best yum!

    (Although I think chocolate has caffeine, but please don’t tell me. I want to remain clueless. Thanks!)

    Thanks for sharing.


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