A Better Way?…Knowing the Word of God…

In His Likeness...

In His Likeness...

Anger, Disbelief, Discouragement…I could keep going!

These are the things of the World we live in, unfortunately. There is a better way…better things…and as humans we ask or tell ourselves (?), that there must be a better way, on a regular basis.

It is the denying of these worldly things, that is the answer. You see, the things of the World that the Word of God speaks of  are not the things of our understanding. God is asking His children to do something much more important than giving up cigarettes and alcohol.

He is asking them to believe in a Parent they have never laid eyes upon, and a Son who died to free them from a world of pain and death…Yet…

He knew that wrapping our tiny little minds around this thing would be impossible for a children who could not physically sit in Daddy’s lap when frightened or hurt.

So He sent the Word…

And the Word was alive and the Word was God…

We have come to a place in our human existence where we believe we must have information, on all things, to find that better way. Knowing, Knowledge, Information… have become what we understand as what we need to understand. This is a lie!

God didn’t ask us to know anything, but that He is God. He did not ask us to seek anything, but the Kingdom of God. He did not ask us to believe anything, but that His Son died for us…so that we could be in that better place.

This should excite us…yet for some it does not. So very sad, really.

The better way to life here is to seek God. Again, not an easy thing. At first glance the bible, the Living Word, seems to be condemning, constricting. Well that is because we see God as a religion. Religion is a thing of the mind…not of God. Religion is a look (thing of worldly knowledge) at God,  from a legalistic point of view.  However, look again at what God has asked of His kids:

Know that He is God: this is about a relationship. Knowing God is about having a relationship with Him. Any “understanding” of a thing or person is an intimate act. If I know about, lets say social work, and am able to perform the functions of that position, I am intimate with that function and position. If I can function in the office of  social work, and perform that function everyday, I am intimate with that position and I begin to have relationship with those in that position. The deadly part is that I begin to identify myself with that position! It becomes a part of who I am…there is nothing more intimate than that.

God did not intend that!


Genesis 1:25-27 


25 So God made the wildlife of the earth according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and creatures that crawl on the ground according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.  26 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness. They will rule the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, the animals, all the earth, and the creatures that crawl  on the earth.”  27 So God created man in His own image; He created him in the He created them male and female.

God required an “intimate” relationship with Him…not the “knowledge of  Him!!! Adam and Eve walked in the cool of the day with God! Relationship!

God intended that we be like Him…that we resemble Him. Like our children, look at your kids!, they look like you (in your image). They also look like God (let us make them in our image!). Your kids act like you! They have your mannerisms, they have inflection in their voice that is yours! This is according  to : 

Main Entry:
according to
14th century
1 : in conformity with 2 : as stated or attested by 3 : depending on
Your children are in conformity with your likeness! Who they are depends upon you (according to your [His] likeness).
That is how God made us! To be in conformity to Him, to depend upon who He is!
There is a better way! Even the most staunch Atheist is looking for “the better” way. Yet they are fixed upon the tangible and have become so very intimate with the things of this world that they believe they cannot find the better way without knowledge of things. They study it out…the just use the wrong book.
Well, I am here to suggest, no, to tell to you, that to find the better way you must seek God.
Now, if we seek to know God, like we do the things and concepts of this world, what will we find?
There was an atheist many years ago who decided to disprove the bible. In his studies of the bible this scholar found salvation! You see he purposed to put the bible, the living Word, in conformity with the knowledge of this world. During that study the Word grew within him and God did the miraculous! He transformed a world conformed mind to a God knowledge (relationship).
When I remember the man’s name I will return and fit it (here).
If we study God we will find salvation!
If we study the Kingdom of God we will find our way home. A place that we innately feel (know) is familiar to us, finally a place of peace.
If we seek to know (have a relationship) with the Son, we will find our Father and those who we are “like”!
The better place that we, humanity, seeks is God. Check it out…like you study anything else of this world. Seek and you shall find…if you haven’t found it yet, may I suggest that you use another reference book?

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