Living the Word…

Jeremiah 23: 28b-29  



… but the one who has My word should speak My word truthfully, for what is straw [compared] to grain?”—the LORD‘s declaration.  “Is not My word like fire”—the LORD‘s declaration—“and like a sledgehammer that pulverizes rock? 30 Therefore, take note! I am against the prophets” —the LORD‘s declaration—”who steal My words from each other.

In Sunday’s sermon at RLFC this scripture was used to accentuate the need for the Word of God in all areas of our lives. 

What we speak, PROPHESY, into our lives IMPACTS OUR LIFE! 

In the book of Jeremiah, the LORD, in all caps depicts God in the old testament, asks what can be prepared to the Impact the Word on one’s life. He condemns the prophets who negate the Word of God in someone’s life.

As a Christian I have been told that I am not hearing God, but myself or someone else. So as a rule these days I pray only the Word of God, sing only Praise to the LORD in my circumstances and vent to only those who do not repeat or negate what I know I have received from God in those circumstances.

Realizing my revelation is not someone else’s revealtion is exactly why God encourages us to be around only likeminded people. People we are equally yoked with. Right now this means, to me, people who are in a similiar place with God. And I find that some of my friends are not. For that reason I have prayed and thanked God that He has enabled me to be a good friend to all of my friends, while attempting to guard my heart and revelations. 

Suffice it to say I am having a hard time sharing with some of my friends. This makes me sad and want to cry. 

Knowing that later in Jeremiah,  God says He has the only the best intentions for us, Jeremiah 29:11 

I put my trust in my LORD! Determining within myself to remain where I am in the LORD with my armor on and intact.



2 thoughts on “Living the Word…

  1. People try to negate your experience with God? that sounds gutsey! Unless you are waiting to be beamed up to the mothership, but you don’t seem the type. Know Whom you have believed, and be persuaded, that He is able!

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