Menagerie: a collection of wild or foreign animals…

…and this is what we have here! Step right up and take a peak!

There is nothing like pets to complete a family. The children learn so many of life’s lessons when a family has pets. Responsibility, love and compassion and even small parenting skills. Adults benefit from the love and companionship, so do the kids. There is just so much joy in owning and loving our pets…

Here is Our Menagerie…With much love, and more to come (pictures! 🙂 )…Most of the cats are rescue cats that we have had for many years now…in fact many are eight years or older…except the Red Tabby and the Gray and White Domestic…they are mere young adults.

Buster is how I found that I loved dogs as well. And, not just from afar! Honey we just adopted…she comes from a home that valiantly tried to love her for about 5 years. Considering some of her behaviors she definitely came from a puppy mill and has issues with food being down, and cat rejection…in fact she is a bit upset now that Ashes does not want to be friends, right now! LOL   8D

Its been less than 48 hours…and we are seeing improvement, she, like Buster, is very intellegent and just plain funny sometimes! I believe the Dachshund breed must be the genius’ breed of all dogs!

So here you go…I present the Hutchinson Menagerie. Show hours are 24/7 and admission is a simple petting of the gang!


many, Many, MANY Blessings to you!


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