Summer Tea…

Food on Friday

Food on Friday

It’s Food on Friday @ Ann Kroeker’s blog! And I am newly enamored with teas! I wrote 7, count them, 7 articles about tea. I learned about all of the aspects of tea and was really astounded at all that I learned.

The Wonderful World of Tea!

The Wonderful World of Tea!

So my new healthy choice for my diet is tea…

Did you know that tea is chock full of disease fighting antioxidant and poly-phenols?  But wait, did you know that tea will fight illnesses that you may already be battling? Not to mention tea may really have an effect on one’s weight. So go ahead indulge in that cup of tea, just be sure to use natural additives like sugar and honey and fresh milk. Enjoy your White and Green teas with just a touch of sweetener. No cream or milk for me in those, it overpowers the delicate flavor of the young tea.

I encourage you to check out all of the information you can attain on the subject of teas. Helium has hundreds of articles, from recipes to the health benefits. Many good writers have researched and shared their knowledge on the subject, not to mention thousands of other subjects as well.

Currently I am holding 1st place in the Tea Contest. My winning remains to be determined, there are four more days of peer ratings to get through! It is nice to hold first place at all, let alone for 3 days! though!

So as for FOF…I am loving tea!

Iced Tea currently.

Really what is better on a overcast day, with 98% humidity, at the Jersey Shore?? An ice cold glass of Iced Tea and a dip in the ocean.

Lavender Surg

Lavender Surf

So far I have experimented with Spiced Chamomile Tea, as well as Bromley Black Tea with a touch of Chamomile and Spiced Chai…a rich bold flavor with a touch of spice…it’s really refreshing, although I find the Chamomile was overpowered by the black teas boldness, yet it’s medicinal qualities would remain.

Experimenting with Tea

Experimenting with TeaSteeping until Cooled

What I am finding after 3 weeks is this…My Grandma says that Chamomile Tea does everything from relieve inflammation to help a person sleep. All of the research tells me that tea, however one prefers it, has miraculous medicinal abilities. So do I feel better?

I can tell you this, the inflammation that I have been newly experiencing, in my legs this summer, has not been an issue for about 3 days now. And that alone is a relief.  I do believe it to be directly to my increase of tea consumption.

My research revealed that all teas, while not created by the same processes, White tea having the least processing to Pu-erh that is completely fermented and aged, have the same health potential. Each, slightly different in it’s benefits, while being just has beneficial as the next. Our grandmothers were not just spinning old wives tales. Apparently all those benefits grandma spoke about those teas she brewed, like Chamomile, when we had an upset tummy, to the bold and bitter black tea with honey and lemon, she made us drink when we were congested with a sore throat, really were one of the best remedies.



So try a glass of iced tea, relish the refreshing flavor on these hot days of summer.

Cool Iced Tea

Cool Iced Tea

 Or a relaxing cup of hot tea before bed to assist you on that peaceful journey to sleep.

Tea...It does a Body Good!

Tea...It does a Body Good!



2 thoughts on “Summer Tea…

  1. I’m a tea girl, too. I ran out of my favorite black tea a few months ago and was making-do with other tea. I have a lot of other brands I’ve picked up or been given as gifts, so I was drinking those instead. They were okay. Not bad. But I really longed for the smooth flavor of my favorite. When I had a friend over for tea, I was almost embarrassed to serve her my so-so tea, but it was all I had. After that, after serving my friend the so-so tea, I decided I was all done making-do in this category of my life. Next time I was at the grocery store, I splurged and bought the big box of P.G. Tips, a British imported tea that is priced super high. I felt a hint of guilt … and then I came home and made a pot. When I poured that tea and it went down so smooth and full of flavor, I decided I would forgive myself for splurging. As you point out, after all, it does a body good!

  2. Hi…
    Tea is indeed a healthy diet part. Recent studies in leading medical journals declare black tea a potential heart tonic, cancer blocker, fat buster, immune stimulant, arthritis soother, virus fighter and cholesterol detoxifier.

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