America ~ One Nation Under God…

This, my childblog, is about art, mine and other’s art…definitely gifts from our Father, God! So check this out!

I recieved this in e-mail from my great Uncle Max…I found it intriguing and it did what the artist states he intended to do…I felt deeply about this painting.

One Nation Under God ~ McNaughton

One Nation Under God ~ McNaughton

If you point to characters in the painting, on the artist’s site (url below), McNaughton defines the characters in his painting and his intent for their inclusion in his painting.

I believe our country was founded on the Christian belief system, as well as Christian doctrines.

I believe, also, that revisionism has skewed the truth of some of the key figures in this country’s history.  Many of America’s key historical figures were Christians. It is important to look upon history as a whole, it is then that the truth reveals itself.

The Truth set this country free…and to quote a great American…” We are free Indeed.” M.L.King

Enjoy the painting…Enjoy your day!



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