today we say Goodbye ~

Crown of Glory

Today we say goodbye

Upon a cloud laced sky,

The sun sparkling through

Diamond pyramids raining by the eye.


Your smile was light to the heart,

Your laugh a warming hug.

The words on your lips were gracious

Encouraging every small heart to hardily try.


A spirit so gentle,

A person of great peace.

The heart of a great giant

The man who cradled the young spirit of mine.


Today we say goodbye,

We gather to remember the life,

A Life well lived and A man much loved.

A tear in each eye and each lip a heart felt smile.


Today we say goodbye to you,

Family and friends alike.

We honor your days and accomplishments

With ne’er a dry eye.


We know you’re in a better place.

You’ve met you maker face to face.

Your garden in the heavens high,

You tend the sunrise in the sky.


A job well done, God has already said,

Now rest and sit here at my right.

My son you’ve completed what it was you were called.

Well pleased with you, AM I.

♥ † ♥ † ♥ † ♥


Today my family and loved ones will honor the life of my Uncle Wes who passed on March 5, 2010.

This is the second piece I have written to him…not counting a multitude of Caring Bridge journal enteries. I loved him so much more than I even knew.

I am grateful that I know that he is tending his eternal garden in heaven at the feet of our Father God. I am grateful that Uncle Wes knows in the glorious light of God that the love we all have for him is immense, and that the good and great he did is known.

the photo Crown of Glory was taken the summer of ’09. It is a Macro of a very small weed. No really…when I took it I didn’t even know the term Macro. Amazing what one does by accident, that God meant for a meaningful tribute in a stretch of future… 






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