Deliverance and Forgiveness ~ AE

AE ~ Embattled Spirit

Where Forgiveness Lies  


We seek forgiveness, Beg relief from dread. 

 Looking into the eyes of another, 

 Imploring our binds untied. 


We shy from looking inward, Hide from the filth of life. 

 Parting the fingers clinched over sight, 

 Drawn to our guilt, hidden in lies. 


We seek forgiveness, Looking into the wrong eyes. 

 Our guilt drawn upon the heart 

 Staunching forgiveness residing inside. 


Forgiveness lies within. Near the echoing hole of the heart, 

 The creator blocking all our sin. 

 Salvation’s father, we begin again. 



Copyright © AHutchinsonPhotography- All rights reserved. 
Copyright © AHutchinsonWords- All rights reserved. 

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