Natural Light and Snow

“The cracks are how the light shines in, and it is only by remaining aware of imperfection that we remain open to redemption and reform.” ~ Leonard Cohen

Photo Prompt


I’m a bit late running this prompt…I took pictures throughout from the day I received the e-mail on January 23, until the morning of my 46th Birthday; January 27th. 🙂    

These, a total of 41, beauties were taken early morning on my birthday.     

My God found it in His heart of hearts to give me Sparkling Beauty on my birthday ~ How blessed am I…so all those other photos went by the wayside {for now} because God showed me with His Natural, Heavenly light that…  



So with no further ado…The Light Overtakes the Dark…

*Please Note: These Photos are Raw with only exposure and color corrections, cropping and signature.

**I used God’s Natural Lighting…see it shining in each photo? Amazing, right? 🙂

Draped Light

Natural lighting, taken through black sheers and a blown glass window pane…




Our Barn ~ Natural Early Morning Light and Snow

Human Foot Steps in the Snow

Imperfection…First snow, shot in natural light through my bathroom, Ivy framed window pane. 🙂

Love my Ivy! Human Foot Prints refers to the refuge in the barn stall {I think it’s 2×4’s under a lovely black tarp} and Donnie’s ‘Lil Red Love Bug…and how our presence in the world, sometimes, mars the natural beauty of God’s nature…


{Im}Perfect Silence


Beautiful Light and Snow…





Tranquil Morning


Natural Light…Love the sunlight kissing the snow dusted branches dead center of this photo.

 There you have it…My take on Light, Cracks and Imperfection. Check out all the other thumbnails and show your love at:






Blessings Loves ♥   




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