Heart Issues ~ Transition ~ A Transformed Life

Hope Deferred ~ Proverb 13:12

2010 and 2011 were and are marked by MAJOR transitions in my life!

Serious…constant change…

I prayed to be fruitful…

I prayed that I would be pruned…cleansed…


God answered…be careful what you ask for…

Be mindful what you pray for…

God ALWAYS answers, ALWAYS.

I asked, He answered and my life became difficult.

My health became an issue. Not surprisingly HEART EVENTS.

I am acutely aware, now, that so many things that are wrong in a life are ISSUES OF THE HEART. 

Stress, resentment, unforgiveness…these all cause a heart to be sick. It is about HOPE deferred…

Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
   but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.
Proverbs 13:12

Anger, resentment and unforgiveness, these breed undo stress; these make the HEART sick; these drain a SPIRIT of hope.

I was there…


There are rules when you recieve what you’ve petitioned God for.  There are the “you cannots”, the “NOs”, they “Never agains”…there is a part I am responsible for in this HEALING of my HEART…

The Refining of my Spirit, Mind and Body…my New Life, refined…


Being Refined by God



It’s spring…and I have a Spring in my Step, most days.

I am doing the hard work of being Whole…of being Well…of staying Healed. I determindly adhere to the dietary rules that have me budding with new energy…new growth of Spirit and Body…


Spring ~ New Life




I am grateful to be well..to be whole. Therefore tomorrow I will arise and thank My Father, God that I walk in Wholeness…I am healed.        



I am Grateful for Grace…

Blessings Loves



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