Beautiful Distractions…a photo prompt

Distractions…there are way too many in life…


But what about when we need to distract our minds. When we need to do something positive to offset the negative in our lives. You know, those times when we need some joy…some beauty…

I love these 3 from here & there photo prompts…they usually come right in time…right when I need to distract this mind and give it beauty for the ashes…

These are photos I took this week, feeding my spirit after a difficult couple of weeks!

Please enjoy my…Beautiful Distractions…

April White


Baby Blue


...taking time to smell the weeds ~ Habakkuk


Blue Wisteria


Late April Pink

Thank you for looking…
I pray your distractions are as beautiful as mine.
Blessings Loves♥

A.Hutchinson Photography Photos

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7 thoughts on “Beautiful Distractions…a photo prompt

    • Thank you! That means so much coming from an amazing photography like yourself…and I agree.

      I saved my amazing pink until last, to dazzle, without even knowing that pink was your distraction!


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