Majestic Splendor…I Have Seen…


Majestic Splendor


I have seen God‘s Majestic Splendor…the majesty of the beauty He provides me everyday.

In it is the promise of His glorious return, the New Life He provides, the New Mercies each morning…

I see them in nature…and people…and all from the controlled view of the camera lens.

Here are my Blessings…


I am blessed by His majestic splendor right outside my front door.

I’ll bet you are too…

High Brilliance

My home is adorned by beauty to its roof top…

Royal Splendor

I saw these beauties on a corner, a block from my house. I wondered if I gently dug up the roots, could I transplant them in my yard.? My heart wanted them, I intended, at least, to photograph them. God heard my heart…I didn’t have to transplant them, I didn’t have to walk down the block, a week later they were interspersed in my Lily of the Valley patch! I am so serious…all Truth!

Hidden Beauty

My new Raspberry blossoms… 🙂 My husband tried to annihilate these bushes from our back yard a few years back…they really were an unruly bramble, but I was sad! So God…again! They now have shown up in what I now call my rock garden in front! We have decorative stones and my lilies, wild strawberries and wild raspberries grown among them…safe from the mower and weed wacker…God loves me! 🙂

Clover Flower

There are two weeds I call flowers. Love them with all my heart, to the chagrin of my lawn mowing man!

Dandelions and Clover Flowers!

One man’s weed is another man’s flower. ~ Unknown Author

Dandelion Rainbow

Wild Rose

…and last but not least, My Wild Rose bushes…untended in their splendor.

This is the Majestic Splendor I am blessed to see, each day. The ever-changing face of a wild garden, untended by mere mortal gardeners. No, tended for me, by the very Heart and Hand of God.

I could do no better, ever.

Blessing Loves


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