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I decided over on my FB – A.Hutchinson Photography Page:

A. Hutchinson Photography

 to see if I can’t get my FRIENDS to join me in posting a photo a day…THEN I thought of you…this beautiful blog of mine gets neglected except for prompts I recieve and choose to participate in. Which in all reality is only one prompt, but a fabulous one! You know it from my last several posts!

Join Us...Click Image for link to this weeks prompt!


I have spent sometime over the weekend looking a photos by other photography buffs, enjoying the view. By far, I must say, I most enjoy the use of flowers in photography. A bit of natural beauty intertwined with the elements of a fast paced world. You know what I mean…

In the midst of plying our trade and advertising ourselves to the masses…offering true, captivate beauty to all who would cherish it, I enjoy the random photo, edited for effect and emotion of the lone daisy in a bell jar on the stoop…the fallen bouquet of fresh daffodils strewn across a rustic wood floor ( I have taken this photo)…or like above a well loved feline companion inviting herself into a photo shoot that was nothing more than mere play and practice!

In this photo, above, you see the joy with which I seek in my day to day. A little play, a little work, a friend and an incredible amount of beauty. OH and Starbuck Frappuccino! A wonderful drink and in the spirit of saving the environment I recycled the bottle to use as a vase…which at this very moment is on the coffee table in my living room with the flowers still vibrant and beautifying my space! 🙂

So if you like, you could join me here…a day or seven and post the link to your days photography and I will add it to my current post that day and we can all enjoy what YOU see beautiful in your day to day!

Leave the link in comments here and I will check back and post it as: A Photo a Day Partners!

Blessings Loves ♥


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