A Vibrant Morning … A ‘three from here & there’ Photo Prompt

Ahhhh! Morning…this morning brought me my photo prompt from…

three * from here & there

I have been looking for it for a week and a half…just because I so enjoy them : Claire Burge , Kelly Sauer and Sarah Elwell; as well as loving the prompts they come up with! Please check out all 4 sites and witness for yourself the breath taking lovliness they ladies share everyday!

So…having found this prompt snuggled within my e-mail this Morning! not afternoon, I tricked the doxies and ran out the front door with the Nikon!

My love for Dandelions boggles the minds of landscapers, lawn mower men and my neighbors. But hey, one mans flower….and we know the rest. I believe that any plant that gives one sunshine to gaze upon one day and a wonderful fluff of wishes the next is definitely a flower!

(all of my photos this morning are only corrected for exposure, color and sharpness. as well as cropping. the only alteration was my play with vibrances in editing. i figured morning photos wouldn’t need much vibrance manipulation…and I was right!)

My personal field of Morning Sun



 Morning Mosaic


Checking out the shoot…

 Grooming for Her Shoot


Hugging Morning Sunshine 

Facinating Distraction 

Kissing Sunshine 

Well there it is my Morning Vibrance…many thanks go to my models Dandi Lion and Baby Cat!


Many blessings and vibrant mornings to you Loves


8 thoughts on “A Vibrant Morning … A ‘three from here & there’ Photo Prompt

    • Thank you for stopping by and viewing my morning! Baby Cat and I had a nice time…and payment for her services was simply a good petting!
      You bless me with your encouragement, I am grateful!

    • Kelly,
      I so enjoy being invited to join! I love your work…the prompts…it all keeps me fluid with that wonderful camera of mine!
      This mornings prompt was a joy…beautiful morning and time with Baby Cat (she likes to stay outside). And like I said above, in another reply…the payment for her services was a good petting!
      Thank you for your continued encouragement, I cannot tell you how much it means coming from such a talented professional!

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