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Serenity ~ The God Curve



Good Friday Morning Loves ! This Morning I join Lori at La-La’s HDC Blog for her Foto Friday Blog Hop … at the end is her button, which you can follow to join us! This is a comfortable prompt in that the rules are really a simple invitation to join us (appropriate photography only), with no pressure for perfection in photography. As an amateur photographer … it’s a passionate hobby, I appreciate the no pressure thing and love the interpretations that all the photographers take within the same prompt! We really are …

Created in His image and special in His eyes! Genesis 1:27 

Our prompt today is:

The S Curve

Intrigued by the concept of the S curve, I have thought about the prompt for a few days now. Then being the amateur photographer I did a little google-ing on the subject, here’s what I learned very quickly.

‘ In compositional theory, certain geometric shapes are often used by artists to guide the viewer’s eye throughout a picture space…and the “S” curve is one that bears mentioning. Look for elements within a potential picture space that aid in allowing the viewer’s eye to follow the winding path from a starting point to an ending point. … The S curve composition has a sensual feel to it, slightly dangerous and very compelling. The next time you have a camera in hand, keep an eye open for visual pathways that mimic this serpentine geometry.’ ~ Mark Hemmings

With this prompt I learned something about this photographic gift that I have. Intrigued by the S curve, I obviously set myself to knowing what it really was. Another learning curve … haha … 😉 … I guess. But as I looked at other’s photographers interpretations of the S I realized … NO, I felt my eye being drawn sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly along that “seductive curve” that Mark so aptly described.

My eye enjoys the illusion of movement in art, and the S curve satisfies that focus; as does the other geometrical aspects of the art of photography. While it remains satisfying to some extent in paintings and sculpture, for me, I know, now, that I truly am drawn to the real movement that photography provides me.

So true to my over-the-top personality here are several (sorry) photos taken over this spring and summer which I think fulfill this particular compositional theory. I was amazed that I could get the glide of the eye from both natural and man-made subjects!

So much fun this morning! Thanks Lori! 🙂

The Curve Called “S”


White S Curve

Pink S Curve

Spring S Curve


Summer S Curve

Beach Curve

Post S Curve

I so enjoyed this prompt and the thought I had to put into understanding it and then depicting it in my photography!

Also!!!! I am so excited that you all, over on La-La’s Foto Friday, liked one of my “Pattern” pictures from last week so much that Lori graciously showcased it this week!

Thank YOU! 🙂

Now grab your camera and join us …

This has been a Foto Friday Post with La-La's Home Day Care! 🙂

Blessings Loves!

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16 thoughts on “compositional theory … The S Curve … a photo prompt

  1. Such beautiful pictures! You’re so much better than me on this one – i took a picture of an S. HA!! I love how you found out what S curve means in photography and found pictures to show it. I see them in your photos. I think Lori picked a winner with your picture from last week. Great job!!!

  2. Amanda,
    Thank you so much! I seriously considered taking pictures of S’s … really! 🙂 It is an excellent idea if I do say so.
    Thank you, also, for the complement on “Flawed”, definitely my favorite in that group!

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  4. Awe…such an excellent definition of The S Curve! I only gave a few words. Hehe! Well I think it was a fun prompt, and it led me to think in so many different ways, but still only came up with a mail box post photo. I took so so many pictures and never seemed happy with them.

    These photos are great interpretations and I’m glad you had fun with the theme. Learning new things in photography is fun. That is what I want for this meme, fun and to grow and learn together.

    Thanks so much for joining in each week! Give the puppies some love for me!

  5. Lori,
    Those were Mark’s words! And I am so glad you prompted me to go where I did with this … and I was blessed to have good photos in my albums … it’s raining here and I do not have as beautiful a winding road as did Shutter Happy Jenn, (her’s is my fave at this point in the group!); and before the bit-O research I did (one google hop!) I was looking at all the “S’s” I had to play with …. still might to see if I can get the movement!
    These prompts you invite us to are fun and I am definitely growing with the group! Such fun.
    Kissing the dachies for you!

    Oh and I thought of another idea for a prompt … fueled by my consideration of next weeks “Books” FF!
    How would you interperate the prompt “Words” with a photograph? Ooooo this is fun.

    Blessings my friend,

    • That’s fun too! Thanks! Not sure how I would intemperate it yet, humm, we could always add words to a photo, with a meaning, a verse, or who is in that picture. Or the photographer or shutterbug like me, may go out and find something with words already on the subject. Ah, I have that! But I may go for newer. I love this one Andrea!
      I’m writing everyone’s suggestions down now, I don’t want to forget. I so glad a couple of y’all have decided to come up with some ideas. I want us all to more forward. I love Foto Friday, it is a lot of fun. I’ve always enjoyed it even when Kim had it. I would get up early and submit my photo. And when she featured me, I did a happy dance through my house! LOL I get really excited over things I love, and you know when I love it. My oldest daughter says she enjoys that about me.

      Thanks for kissing the dashies!


      • I thought so too! I also really look forward to Foto Friday … and I did a secret happy dance when you featured my “flawed”.
        Thank you, 🙂

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    • Kim,
      Thank you! I love google … they know everything ,,, lol! No really, I wanted to understand what it was in photography so that I could learn to do it. And Pink S Curve and the flip flops are favorites of mine, too.

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