A Focal Peace … left of centre …

When I was too young {immature} to be anything but  enchanted by his perverse charm. Too jaded to be anything but seduced by his arrogance and truth, he said to me, with a low laugh,

In Left Field

“I will only ruin you for other men.” ~ my future husband.

Yet, it was much deeper than that line, that I later found he truly believed.

I was ruined … he was ruined, we were created for one another. We had been lead here, unwittingly, through not so nice circumstances in life for a purpose.

At that moment when a man and a woman, who had in their deepest hearts decided that never again would they bare themselves to the heart of another, God stepped in. Well … that’s a figure of speech … God had driven the bus … He had opened the doors … Heck! He had created this union, long before we entered this world, some seven years apart …

We, this man with the poor lines, and I, were “ruined” for one another, by the love of the other, long before we met.

Truly, we knew very early {after that foolish come on line – that with head shaking and a chuckle, now – I fell for …} that this had been orchestrated by a higher power … even unsaved and living like hell, we knew this was God.

Very early on in this I found, underneath the smarmy, the most honest, quiet and intelligent man I would ever meet. The only man whose honesty was almost infallible.

A favorite and unforgettable moment for me was the night I was ending this thing, because my heart had betrayed me and I had fallen into that lie of love, I went to this man and told him I couldn’t do this … that I had broken the rule … so I had to go …

He stood up, tousled and groggy, I had woken him from sleep when I came to tell him this, hands out and head softly shaking … he stopped and looked at me and I saw it …

He suddenly realized that he had fallen too, the wave of confusion and wonderment that flashed in his crystal ice blue eyes was amazing … fluid …

Our hearts knew then, what our minds refused, even as it happened… it couldn’t be … this was completely out of …

You guessed it … left field.

This thing we had built … this deep, honest and protective friendship we had built had grown, just out of our sight range, into a Forever.

We were ruined, by love.

A Forever.

This has been a 3*From Here & There Photo Prompt

Kelly wrote in her invitation for this prompt:

“Do you have a photo or a story to share?

I believe this is the first prompt that asked if we had a story … though I always write a story! 🙂 Instantly I knew the picture and I knew the story.

I am blessed, that even while sinning … as the good book says, God still loved us enough to forge the union and seal the covenant that He so wisely planned for before the foundations of this earth. And I stand in awe of the perfection of this union, no one else would accept or honor us, my love and I, the way we accept and honor each other.

Never question a God thing … Blessings Loves


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