Let My Words Be Few … Happy WW …

Do not be quick with your mouth,  do not be hasty in your heart  to utter anything before God. God is in heaven  and you are on earth,  so let your words be few. ~ Ecclesiastes 5:2

Happy Wordless Wednesday … I haven’t posted [ANYTHING] for two weeks. Battling myself, my words, my talents and skills; MY EMOTIONS! Not a great place to be; but I am working on it … God is working on it …and that is a GOOD placed to be.

I intend to work the gifts and talents given me … regardless of what I …

See … Hear … or FEEL! Not leaning on my own UNDERSTANDING.

My own understanding is not always truth … In fact … it is almost always FICTION unto LIES…

So here on WW {not so wordless today…} is a bit of what I do with my photography for God and for a living … I do get paid for this! 🙂

For God … Inspired by God

My original Photography … My original Art

O’ what wonderful gifts and talents You, Father God, have gifted me. How blessed I am. How loved I am!

I am NOT ashamed Romans 1:16

I am NOT ashamed
Romans 1:16

we are the church …


Mid-Week Refreshing Service

Just in Time

The Book of Truth


In Training for the Kingdom

Photography and Typography

Words on Pictures … Seen and Not Spoken!

This is a Wordless Wednesday Post

I will be sharing this over at la-la’s Home Day Care this week … check out her Foto Friday! And on Wordless Wednesday.

Photobucket” Happy photo taking, Loves! Blessings.


8 thoughts on “Let My Words Be Few … Happy WW …

  1. While I missed participating … and I did take the photos for “Books”; however, my blog was giving me issues that day and I had an appointment and from there just got frustrated … I have been trolling and saw all the lovely photos the last two weeks!
    So I haven’t been truly missing in action. Just lost my voice for a bit!
    Thanks for the encouragement! And we have all this vibrant red cropping up in all our trees this year! I don’t remember all the red and I am going tomorrow to get photos of the Leaves!
    Thanks for allowing me to participate!

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  5. Hi I was looking thru your site and I wanted to let you know I love your pictures. I couldn’t find an email otherwise I would have emailed you. I would love to use some of your works to go with my site, but I am still starting out, so all I could offer is free advertizment as I would credit and link your images to your site. You can check out what I am talking about with pictures have posted from others on my site http://meditateonthelord.org/ . Thanks for your Time, Sara

  6. I found your site tonight because I was looking for scripture art and I really like the first one with Romans 1:16. The image says it is Romans 1:6, but it is actually Romans 1:16. Would you mind updating the image?

    Also, my church is looking for some freelance graphic design on a couple of things, it looks like you do this for a living so is that something you’d be interested in talking more about? Please let me know.
    Thanks for all of your great work on these, so inspiring!!

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