those things of dreams … w/linkz-y

Now, ere I sleep, I wonder what I shall dream.
Some sense of being, utter new, may come
Into my soul while I am blind and dumb–
With shapes and airs and scents which dark hours teem,
Of other sort than those that haunt the day,

those things of dreams ...

Hinting at precious things, ages away
In the long tale of us God to himself doth say. ~ The Diary of an Old Soul by George MacDonald

** This September we had hoped to go to Alaska for our daughter’s wedding and to see our oldest son and our granddaughters. This was not to be … this year … These are our precious things, and they are physically ages away …

This has been a 3*From Here & There Photo Prompt

This is a Wordless Wednesday Post

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Blessings Loves.


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