Vintage Orange … w/linkzy!

Happy Friday folks!

I am posting this Friday Foto – Short because I inadvertantly put up my Autumn Orange post on my writing blog … 🙂 {you can find all of my Autumn Orange shots here}.

Now because I wanted to enter this in this contest:

I decided I should post my favorite picture on my PHOTOGRAPHY blog! 🙂

Vintage Orange

Just for fun … I wanted to post my other two faves. 🙂 


Cyclops Orange



25 thoughts on “Vintage Orange … w/linkzy!

    • 🙂 … Funny right! I went to add my post to the Autumn links you had on your post and when I put my photog addy in it came up with last weeks post and I realized I put the whole Orange post up on HOPEannFAITH! Ehhh! So to enter the contest I did a Foto Friday ~ Short! ;).
      Hope you don’t mind I posted twice … I figured people to take a quick look if the prefered!

  1. Love the orange reflection on the water. What was making the reflection? So cool!
    Thanks for joining us in the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge. I hope you’ll be back again next week when we move on to our new theme, RED! Have a great weekend.

    • Actually the trees … they were alternately evergreens and trees with fall colors … if you click over to the other set you’ll see the trees that made the reflection!
      Thanks so much for allowing me to participate.

  2. Great photos, I like the vintage effect on the first one 🙂 The orange effect in the second one is gorgeous!

    Thanks for taking part in the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge 🙂

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