’tis the Season! Say Cheese! … Wordless Wednesday!

We’ll never be given more than we can handle. However, we can be certain that many experiences will push us to grow in directions we never dreamed possible.  God has my future well in hand. All I need is the willingness to follow God’s guidance. –

-from In God’s Care: Daily Meditations on Spirituality in Recovery

God is stretching me here … in my photography! I’ve never sold anything . I’ve never shown my photography except here, on facebook and to loved ones. I’ve never done any professional work; unless one calls a Wedding Shoot for a friend’s wedding gift professional. I didn’t.

I am most comfortable with the homey feel of “Life Photography“. I follow a few photographers who specialize in this type of photography and their work takes my breath away; and while I’ve had my share of compliments, even from these amazing photographers, I have never considered my skills anything but amateur. 🙂

And so the … S … T … R … E … T … C … H …

I have been asked to head up a photography outreach for the holidays! Family Portraits for Christmas; for those who cannot, in this economy, afford these priceless family memories!

Wonderful, out of the box outreach idea! Attractive on many levels!

The goal, besides offering the outreach? Winning souls to God! Awesome, right!?!

Except I am out of my comfort zone!

So I  …

… S … T … R … E … T … C … H …

Here are some of the test shots! Taken with the most unopinionated subjects!


Lighting … Camera … Focus …

’tis the Season!


A Child's Facination!

My Shadow

A Black & White Christmas.

Blessings Loves!


This Has Been A Wordless Wednesday Post w/ HOPEannFAITH.


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