Anatomy of Ashes ~ More Macro Play + Linkzy

It’s Friday and that means Foto Play with Lori @ La La’s Home Daycare! 

First I’d like to say how sorry I am that I totally missed last weeks Foto Friday prompt! I loved all the interpretations of the prompt! Excellent job! Unfortunately the prompt was closed when I got to it and could not share my pieces!

So, Lori, might I suggest for a prompt: Typography …

Now to the prompt: Macro or Close Up …

Macro photography is the art of taking close-up pictures that reveal details which can’t be seen with the naked eye.

I recently purchased a 10x macro attachment for my Nikon … and very unlike the manually cropped Macro work I’ve done in the past, the lens is not as easy to use as it is to manipulate a photo! So there’s a learning thing going on … and as much as I LOVE macro photography I’m having trouble finding the time to play.

An photographic artist with ZERO formal photography training must play to learn and learn while at play! Much like the toddler … so here is the crawling stage of Macro Photography with a Macro Lens here at A.Hutchinson Photography!

Miss Ashes ~ Close Up!

I’ve photographed Ashes before … and in macro. She is older and more content and so Feline as to sit still and wonder at my silliness. Her age and aloof attitude make her a prime model. She could not really care less about what I am doing in her sunbeam! 🙂

Miss Ashes

She’s the Matriarch of our Cat Family

(yes we have a pack of dachshund and a pride of cat!)

The Cat Walk ...

Miss Ashes prefers the out of doors … not so much because of the dachshund … she’s always been an outdoor kinda gal!

macro + flash + natural sunlight = FAIL

I thought this one was cool … although it is a macro fail in that you cannot see the detail for the flash! Can you say LEARNING CURVE?

Whisker Kisses!

I love the movement I sometimes stumble upon when I play with my photography … The light and Ashes whiskers just seem to move, I think. 🙂

Golden Eye

Golden Eye

… this is a new picture of Ashes’ Eye … I have another in an older post!

Cat's Paw

Every Lady loves her shoes … and in the cold wouldn’t we all love a pair of these warm, velvety slippers! (dig the fibers of the chair’s cushion too!)

Last turn on the Cat Walk.

so there it is … some old (the 2 intro and the very last pic) and some fresh pics …

Macro photography shows the beauty in the finest details … and after all beauty is everywhere …

Because: God is in the details!

 Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations lists the saying’s author as anonymous.

Your Turn …



4 thoughts on “Anatomy of Ashes ~ More Macro Play + Linkzy

    • Thank you Lori, you are so good for the soul, so encouraging. I have another suggestion! But it’s gotten away from me in the stress of my grandmother being hospitalized the last two day … it should come back to me! 🙂

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