“Cozy” and Warm …


It’s wicked windy today … Cozy is something I am going to do in about an hour, after fininshing up these fun prompts I’ve done today … Here on Fridays I try to hook up with Lori … 

{Oddly both Friday prompts – Photo and Writing are hosted by Lori-s!}

For Foto-Friday

Sadly I’ve missed a few, yet appears maybe I’m back on track. So go ahead, click Lori’s button above and join us for

“Something Cozy”

Like I said it’s wicked windy and cold here at the Jersey Shore … she’s just whipping out there and this drafty house is creaking with each icy breath from Mother Nature! So this is how the pups “Cozy” up …


Snuggling Up Cozy Like

This sweet picture was taken while all of the Puppas were still with us … just eight weeks, I believe!

Nothing Cozier I would think …


A Nice Cozy Fire

And now … they are veteran “Coziers”! In a neat little line on their blankee in front of the fire …

Just when I thought they couldn’t get any cuter!

What makes you comfortable … Show us your “Something Cozy”

Blessings Loves



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