If a Woman Rebels ~ A Photo Prompt

3 • From Here & There – “If a Woman Rebels”

" If a Woman Rebels ..." Shaw

“If a woman rebels against high-heeled shoes, she should take care to do it in a very smart hat.”

George Bernard Shaw

Rebellion … my inability to fit … to conform … and then … God!

His Word tells me … His Girl … Do not conform to this World. This world that tells me I must be thin, I must be fashion forward … I must be … to be accepted.

High heels, hats and lipstick … not so much for this girl from the Jersey Shore! My beauty comes from within … my outward style is one of ease and comfort … jeans and flip-flops; even in the frosty days of mid-February. I am not much for shoes on the whole, let alone those crippling-ly beautiful pumps!

But I say, to each his own … I am who I am and my inability to conform … my refusal to fit myself into the mold of a girlie girl and then NOT to wear the hat … drives some of my girls a bit nuts. They love me anyway.

So I don’t know if it fits the prompt from 3 … but this pic of my favorite flips from 2011 is my rebellion … and there will be a new favorite pair for 2012; I already saw them in the shoe store. You see here at the Jersey Shore I am not the only one wintering in flip – flops and the stores have already begun displaying next summer’s flip-flop fashions! 🙂

And my refusal to conform … well this is who God made me to be and I will not squash that any longer. 2012 is about me being who God made me … it’s about me stepping into His will for my life and being content with the Andrea He made, not the Andrea made by me or the requirements of the World or of mere men …

I was fearfully and wonderfully made … so were you! What is your rebellion? Who did God make you to be? Can you be content with her? Come with me, with us, and we will shake the world being God’s Girls!

Blessings Loves ❤


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