… an image of the Infinite … Beauty

I’m joining the ladies over at

…in a photo prompt that I have been mulling over for quite a while. 

The Prompt a quote from Mary Oliver:   “And have you too finally figured out what beauty is for?”

The Infinite

“Beauty itself is but the sensible image of the Infinite.” ~ Francis Bacon

It’s funny, as a writer … a photographer … an artist … that I would have to mull this over, don’t you think? Yet again … I think artists of all genres define and redefine beauty with each creative thought.

But what is beauty for?

God created beauty … in Psalm 139 He said that we were “Wonderfully and Fearfully made”. With all the respect of the ultimate artist He rendered us wonderfully … and doesn’t beauty create Wonder in the eyes of the beholder? He created beauty for His and our enjoyment … So that we could have JOY Experiences.

You see beauty is all around us … We are beauty even at our lowest moments, when fear and sorrow have us all a mess. And while there we remain aware of the beauty and splendor around us in our children, in the fresh air we breath … in everything our senses can experience, there is beauty.

I think I may have figured out “what beauty is for”. It is and always existed for us to enjoy. From the Garden of Eden to the beauty found on the walls of our broken down cities, today, there is beauty for us to see and to share.

Emily Dickenson had this revelation …

“Beauty is not caused. It is.”

It just is … for us to share with each other. Blessings.


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