Seek-ing Creativity … Photography Art.

Hey there! I’m going to attempt to resurrect this photography blog! =) Today I’m going to add it to The Tuesday at Ten Link-up, thanks to the encouragement of Karen!



So today I wrote on Karen’s prompt: Seek – over on Hopeannfaith. The prompt didn’t really take me just to the common scripture: Seek first the  kindgom of God … though it’s there leading the pack.

The prompt met me right where I was at today [and yesterday after our meeting with the clinical trial oncologist], seeking God in a tough situation. I was seeking Him for understanding, solace and that grace bubble I so enjoy in times like this. I’ve learned over many years to run and seek God out in times of need. I truly seek Him first now. It’s really the only way. And He’s really the only guidance that changes things here in Hutchland.

Karen chose the perfect prompt. It was like she reached into my situation and found what I needed and knowing what it was she sent me out to look for it.  For that I am thankful.

I need you like a lighthouse on the coast, like Father and The Son need the Holy Ghost.

I need you, ohhhh I need you! ~ Unknown

When I’m seeking guidance I think of light. Can’t find anything in the dark, now can we? And when I think of a guiding light or a light to my feet, I think of lamps and lighthouses. So here’s some photographs from several months ago, when all our kids and us were together for a week around mother’s day. All the kids, their spouses and the grandkids.One of the things we did was visit Old Barney … The Barnegat Light House in Barnegat, NJ. {for those of you who are  not familiar}.

Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path. Psalm 119:105

This first is the photoart I created from the second photo, marked original, for T@T’s prompt this week. The rest are just great pics from the outing.



Edited for T@T – Seek



Family Reunion - Barnegat Light, The Light House 038 Family Reunion - Barnegat Light, The Light House 034 Family Reunion - Barnegat Light, The Light House 068 Family Reunion - Barnegat Light, The Light House 091 Grandpa and His Girls Thanks so much for stopping by!



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