30 Days of Beauty ~ A Project

I wanted to give myself something positive to focus on daily, so I’ve decided to challenge myself to a 30 day Photography Challenge. Summer is coming quickly and things are growing and blooming and changing daily.

Of course today is a day of Thunderstorms so getting outside to take pictures of my favorite things, flowers, plants, etc. etc., is not an option. I love these models, they stay where you put them! 😉 So I decided to choose another set of my favorite items … my wedding rings.

After losing My Love just a month ago I’ve been focusing on our relationship. It was honestly based on the meaning of the Claddagh …




Love Friendship Loyalty


Our relationship is eternal, we decided that on our wedding day, June 8, 2002 … through the strong foundation you see in the meaning of the Claddagh Ring was forged for 13 years prior to our marriage. Don and I enjoyed 26 years together, beginning as friends, building a solid foundation of trust and honesty that lead to love and a fortress of loyalty for us and our children.

I don’t intend to ever remove these tokens of our love and our eternal bond. Don was the one God chose for me and I intend to honor that bond to eternity.

I can honestly say that in all of these 26 years My Love and I were not apart as long as we have been since he went home to the Lord. And while this is the hardest thing I’ve ever endured in my life I plan for it to build my faith in God’s plans and purposes and to forge my ability to endure until Don and I are reunited in God’s Glory.

Thanks for dropping by my poorly tended photography site … my truly neglected blogchild. I hope with this project to get back into the swing of my photography. If you’d like to join me I invite you to let me know and I’ll add a link up and we can do this together.

God Bless.



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