Beautiful Things … A Nature Walk

I started walking (once a week) with a good friend. I am amazed at just how good I feel afterwards! And I feel accomplished too.

Peaceful Path

Peaceful Path

Not only that … it’s helping greatly with my thinking and my emotions and the grief. It’s healthy, invigorating and cathartic all at the same time. Love those endorphins.

Looking Up

Looking Up

So many things have changed since My Love went home to be with the Lord … I don’t even recognize myself sometimes and it’s only been 5 (very difficult) weeks … but this new walking thing is the most positive thing, aside from God and Church and Prayer, that I’ve encountered in those weeks.

I ponder things on these walks and talk them out with my friend … today started out with stressful tears and anger and after the walk I had the wisdom I had prayed for when I first woke up this morning. God had put me in a peaceful place, with a peaceful and wise friend so I could receive the next calm, sound minded step in this new life of mine.

I call this process #learningtolivewithouthim

It’s a hard and sorrowful process, but it’s accurate.

I had no plan B for this life of ours (mine); we never planned for either of us to have to endure this hollow sorrow of grief, of widowhood. But here I am … walking in something I never planned for … but God did.

Thank you

My Best Friend Buster - Walking Buddy

My Best Friend Buster – Walking Buddy

Thank you for stopping by to see beauty through my eyes. ❤ God bless.



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