* Hiding His Word in My Heart | Psalm 27 -A Challenge! INTRO **

Hiding-Psalm-27-in-My-Heart_DoNotDepart Apparently I’m not content unless I’m being challenged in my writing and thinking. This challenge is one that can be laid out for you at  DoNotDepart.com.

** I have two blogs. One for primarily photography and photography art {this one} and one for my writing; follow the link below. I will be using both for this challenge because putting scripture to my photos is something I love to do and it helps with the memorization, for me.






The premise is that we will have memorized this Psalm by February at some point. We will be linking up on December 3rd, I believe.

I’m going to use a study of each verse and a memorization tool that I got when I participated with Ann Kroeker’s Mega Memory Month.

I’ve attached the link [here] for my favorite memorization tool.  It’s a tool I’ve used often since beginning to do these memorization challenges and it works!

So there we go. I am 2 days out from the actual start of this challenge, so I’m 2 days behind everyone else! But I’m not worried, I’m doing this to get more of God’s word buried deeply within my heart. I challenge myself here, not the other participants. I find I succeed better if my opponent is myself. So here’s the first verse for you.

The Lord is my light and my salvation;
Whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the strength of my life;
Of whom shall I be afraid?

And here is my memorization tool for the week.

T L i m l a m s;
W s I f?
T L i t s o m l;
O w s I b a?

And here is another way that I use to memorize my favorite verses. It’s one of my gifts and talents from Father God! Photography Art.

Psalm 271

Well there you have it. Yet another prompt challenge I’ve chained myself to. Haha! I guess it’s what I do. Thank you for stopping by and reading. Maybe you’ll join us. Maybe you’ll just follow along. Either way, I enjoy your company and appreciate your reading here. Blessings.



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