My Heart Aches…


My Poetry...

My Poetry...









What Does It Matter…



What does it matter?

The mind says, it resounds,

What does it matter?

You forgot they were around.

Their absences felt freeing,

No shield to forever hold,

What does it matter?

These hurts are much too old.

The resentment returned in a flood,

Of your life force, with each beat.

What does it matter?

The mind cries, through a tears dreadful heat.

You simply forgot that you did not exist.

You preferred nonexistence, to encountering this.

What does it matter?

What did you miss?

Pain from the banishment.

The heart insists.

Pain from abandonment.

The aching heart persists.

Pain from denial.

The heart, it cries out.

Pain from every place vile.

The heart tries not to shout.

What does it matter?

In the great scheme of life.

What does it matter?

It simply causes strife.

What does it matter,

The heart cries out to the mind,

“It matters the heart, this painful bind,

That no love enters, when this heart fights.”

What does it matter?

Is that really fair?

What does it matter?

The heart wonders, why do I care?


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